Hi, I am Alper!

I am a full-time Electrical and Electronics Engineer, PhD candidate at METU EEE and project co-manager of ACCLOUD (Accelerated Cloud) project and I live in Ankara/TURKEY.

I got my BSc and MSc degrees from the same department, METU EEE, in 2012 and 2015, respectively. My master’s thesis was about statistical signal processing. Now, I am working on FPGA accelerated cloud computing as a PhD candidate. At work, most of the time I work on FPGA/embedded related stuffs. I am also experienced in analog/digital circuit and PCB design.

I love spending my time on electronics and computers since I was 10. I like doing projects, reading blogs/projects/codes, watching videos and attending courses/webinars, publishing papers and doing other geeky things. I am a big fan of free and open source projects and initiatives 🐧. Besides, I like music and musical instruments 🎵.

This is my personal site and you can view my CV, read my posts or contact me if you wish. The content is organized in Collections 📚 page. The site is bilingual and flags (🇬🇧, 🇹🇷) denote language of the content.

I hope you will find some useful content on this site.

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