First version (v1) of isoUSBRS422 Project is Completed

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Component side of isoUSBRS422

Component side of isoUSBRS422 board

I had announced my first open source hardware project on my blog in December 2014. This is an open source, isolated USB ↔ RS-422/RS-485 converter board.

Today, I finished all jobs related to this project and published all necessary files. I took approximately 1 year to finish it. It is very long time for such project but I worked for my MSc thesis work almost all my spare time. After finishing my thesis work, I was able to finish this project.

Finally, I prepared 6 tutorial videos with total run time ~1.5 hours (!) for makers. It took lots of time, really. All files are also published. My first hardware project is completed! Yay!

The First Video