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ACCLOUD (ACcelerated CLOUD), A Novel, FPGA Accelerated Cloud Architecture


Simple programmer for SST brand BIOS EEPROMs

🇬🇧 Sureli2Calibre

Sureli2Calibre: Python script to add periodicals into an existing Calibre library

🇬🇧 aPCmeter

It is used to monitor CPU and RAM usage of a computer via vintage looking illuminated gauges. aPCmeter uses Arduino Nano v3 as controller.

🇬🇧 isoUSBRS422

isoUSBRS422 is an isolated USB - RS422/RS485 converter. It is designed using KiCad.

🇹🇷 NASuX

Başlamadığım RPi temelli NAS projem

🇹🇷 İzoYazılım

izoelektronik’e benzer mantıkla niyetlenip başlamadığım site projem

🇹🇷 Kapasitans

Başlamadığım elektronik üzerine e-dergi projem